Before and After Results of the HCG Diet

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Before and After Results of the HCG Diet:

attention all Canadians, we'd love to see your before and after results of using the HCG Diet drops in Canada, and with your permission (only with your permission) we would like to share your results with our many visitors, (again... only with your permission)

We understand the importance of privacy, after all, this is the Internet and disclosing one's Identity is never really a wise thing to do online for numerous reasons, with that said we vow to never reveal your true identity.

All photo's will be edited to block your identity from the shoulders up and your full name will never be used, as seen in the many before and after pictures below.

Thank you for submitting your HCG before and after photos

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before and after Brenda
Before and After Karen
Before and After Robert
Before and After Susan
Before and After Kimberly
Before and After Sandra
Before and After Mike
Before and After John
John lost 80lbs in 4 months on the HCG diet
Mike lost 19 lbs in 14 days on the HCG diet
Sandra lost 27 lbs on the HCG diet
Kimberly lost 15 lbs in two weeks
Susan lost 21 lbs in only three weeks
 Robert lost 9 lbs his first week
Brenda lost a whopping 58 lbs in two months
Karen lost 32 lbs in the first month