Will You Gain Weight After The HCG Diet?

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Will You Gain Weight After The HCG Diet?

According to facts and user testimonials, weight lost during HCG diet protocol never returns back. HCG diet therapy is a strict weight loss plan that requires discipline and dedication. Before starting the diet plan, dieters should understand the workings of HCG diet protocol for achieving his/her goal weight.

The combination of HCG hormone and 500 calorie diet not only enables your body to burn abnormal fat banks but also helps resetting your hypothalamus gland. The entire process refurbishes your eating habits permanently and there’s no chance of weight gain after successful completion of HCG diet.

Weight loss stalls, which are very common during the diet therapy, can be tackled by adding lots of fibers and water. You can also take up apple day for breaking plateau. Dieters are not allowed to have anything, which isn’t mentioned in Simeons’ book Pounds & Inches. Cheating, smoking and alcohol consumption is completely prohibited during the diet regime. Dieters may experience adverse results if they cheat. Instead of losing weight, they may gain weight hence complete sincerity is needed from dieters for losing weight quickly using HCG diet.

Facts About HCG Diet

HCG diet plan as mentioned above is the combination HCG hormone and Very Low Calorie Diet that not only targets the abnormal fat storage located in your thighs, hips, belly, chin etc. Dieters during the protocol never feel weak or hungry because they are provided with 1500-2000 calories of energy by burning the abnormal fat banks.

Heavy workouts are prohibited during the diet regime however HCG users can take up light workouts such as Yoga, brisk walking and meditation. In order to lose weight permanently with HCG diet, dieters should follow the three phases (loading, maintenance and stabilization) properly. During the loading phase, dieters can eat anything. During this period, dieters actually prepare their body for the low calorie days. During the second phase (Maintenance) dieters are allowed to have only 500 calories. After the completion of Maintenance, dieters can increase the calorie intake up 800 (women)-1000 (men). HCG diet is an efficient weight loss program, which entirely changes the way you eat. After HCG diet, dieters can have regular food however it’s advisable to avoid heavy workouts for few days after the diet gets over.

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