Successful HCG Diet

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Successful HCG Diet

There are tfour phases of HCG Diet plan. They are known as Loading, Maintenance and Stabilization. The first 2 days of HCG diet plan is known as Loading phase where the dieter can have anything. During loading phase, you are allowed to have as much food as possible. This phase actually prepares your body for the maintenance phase, which comes after the completion of loading phase. During maintenance phase, dieters are allowed to have only 500 calories.This phase continues for 21-40 days depending on your goal weight. The last phase of HCG diet is known as stabilization phase where dieters can increase his/her calories from 500 calories to 800 cal (women)- 100 cal (men).

Consult the chart below for following HCG diet easily:

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How To Successfully Complete HCG Diet Phases?

  • HCG diet is a strict diet plan that requires dedication and discipline. Only foods mentioned in the Simeons’ book Pounds and Inches are allowed.

  • In order to complete HCG diet phases successfully, dieters need to avoid cheating during the protocol. Alcohol consumption and smoking during the protocol is prohibited.

  • During the HCG diet period, dieters need to drink sufficient water and have a proper sleep. Heavy workouts during HCG diet plan are not allowed.

  • HCG diet is permanent weight loss plan that not only helps your body to burn fat but also helps resetting your hypothalamus gland that consequently reforms your eating habits permanently.