HCG Diet Phase 4 (P4)

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HCG Diet Phase 4 (P4)

Following phase 3 (P3) is the 4th and final phase (P4) of the HCG diet, this is the phase in which you can begin to reintroduce sugar, starch and carbohydrates back into your daily meals, keep in mind that you will want to weigh yourself every morning and if you find that you are putting some weight back on then DR. Simeons suggests you add correction days a couple of times per month.

Most people in this phase are able to eat whatever foods they want until they are feeling satisfied (not full) without additional weight gains, they also report that they are not nearly as hungry as they were before starting the the initial phases of the diet.

Continue to eat a healthy diet (with the occasional cheat day) and you will see how good you feel and how easy it is to maintain your weight loss... eating in moderation has always been (and will continue to be) one of the most important factors to leading a fat free, healthy lifestyle

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HCG Phase 4 Foods
What's really nice about DR. Simeons' HCG diet is the fact that you don't have to continue with the diet for the rest of your life, you simply carry on moderately eating the foods that you once love with the occasional correction days in between.

If you have not achieved your weight loss goals during your first round of the diet, you can simply repeat the entire protocol approximately 
3 - 4 weeks into the 4th phase and continue the cycle until you have reach your ultimate goal,

Canadians are advised to order all of their HCG products from within Canada to make certain that the products are manufactured under strict quality controls and to ensure that they are in compliance with Health Canada guidelines.