HCG Diet Phase 3 (P3)

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HCG Diet Phase 3 (P3)

After the 20 - 40 days (depending on what plan you are on) you will enter into phase 3 (P3) of the diet, at this point you will no longer be taking the HCG drops so as to give your body time to expel any HCG that is left in you system.

You will be required to remain on the same diet as outlined in phase 2 for an addition 3 days after this 3 day period you will be permitted to eat as normal for the next three weeks with the exception of starchy and sugary foods (which you must refrain from.

The reason for this is because foods that contain sugar and starch also tend to be high in carbohydrates so by refraining from these foods for an additional three weeks you will be giving your body time to rest it metabolic rate allowing your weight to stabilize and stay within the range it was upon completion of phase 2 (P2)

An acceptable fluctuation of between 2 pound either way (less or more) is the desired goal, eating foods that contain large amounts of carbohydrates may cause you to quickly gain weight during this phase 3, so it is imperative that you refrain.

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HCG Diet Phse 3 Foods
If for some other reason you begin to gain weight over and above the 2lb benchmark, DR.Simeons suggests that you treat yourself to a steak day, however you must not eat breakfast or lunch on your steak day and you are required to drink plenty of fluids as a replacement, then for Dinner you can have a nice big steak with either an apple or a tomato, this should put your metabolic rate back in check and stabilize any abnormal weight gain.

By now your level of hunger should not be nearly as high as it was before commencing the HCG diet and DR. Simeons recommend that you eat until you feel satisfied and not to over indulge to the point of feeling full, this is a key factor in keeping the weight off.

Now it is time to move on to phase 4 (P4), the final phase of the entire HCG diet protocol... you're almost done!