HCG Diet Phase 1 (P1)

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HCG Diet Phase 1 (P1)

There are 4 phases to be considered when going on DR. Albert T. W. Simeons' HCG diet. During the first 2 days of the diet you will be completing phase 1 (P1). During this initial phase you are instructed to consume as much fatty and sugary foods as possible no less than 3 times per day.

During phase 1(P1) of the HCG Diet plan it is expected that you will actually gain a few pounds, but don't be alarmed by this, as you will quickly shed those pounds during the second phase (P2) The reasons for loading up on fatty foods is so that you won't feel hunger pangs during the second phase.

Once again, we must stress the importance of loading up on food during phase 1 (P1) as outlined in the HCG protocol otherwise the diet will not be be effective.

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HCG phase 1 foods
In Phase one the HCG diet concentrates on attacking the the abnormal fatty deposits that our bodies have accumulated over the years, thus the reason why you need to load up on these deposits during this initial phase... it may seem odd to you that you need to indulge so much during this phase, however the science behind it is quite sound and is further explained in his manuscript "pounds and Inches"

When you order your HCG Drops you will also get the complete "Pounds and Inches" diet plan as a downloadable PDF where everything is laid out in an easy to follow step-by-step daily regime.

In some instances it is even common for people do actually lose weight during this phase, however DR. Simeons explains that this often occurs because of compensatory urine flow which flushes excessive liquid (mainly water) from your body, his studies indicated that this occurrence might be the result of the HCG, or might be because of the extra consumption of protein enriched foods that you are loading up on during this initial phase, because in all likelihood your previous diet lacked the proteins that you are now loading up on and as a result your body likely retained water.