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Losing Weight with HGH versus HCG

Canada is currently dealing with an obesity crisis and it’s left many people that are desperate to finally lose the weight turn towards the media to find out about the latest diet trend. It’s hard to tell whether or not a weight loss plan is good or just another fad diet. The HCG and HGH diets have become well-known throughout Canada in recent years. Doing the research and finding a safe and effective diet plan can be somewhat intimidating, but it’s a necessary step on the journey to lose weight safely. 

What Is HGH and HCG?

HGC is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone released by the placenta during pregnancy. The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada say the hormone is used to feed and sustain an embryo. It is only produced and secreted during pregnancy. HGH is Human Growth Hormone. This hormone is produced in the pituitary gland through our whole lives. It is used to sustain tissues and organs and HGH levels are highest during childhood growth according to the Mayo Clinic. 

HCG Function

Dr ATW Simeons developed the HCG Diet in 1954 by restricting his calorie intake down to just 500 calories a day and supplementing with 125 IU (international units) of HCG according to a paper published by Simeons in “Lancet”. So how does the HCG diet work? Simeons theorised that HCG wouldn’t boost weight loss, rather it would make it easier to tolerate eating such a small amount by reducing hunger, elevating mood, and inducing abdominal fat reduction. 

HCG Warnings

Simeons success with the HCG Diet was backed up by the “Asher-Harper” report. There has yet to be another study that was able to replicate these results however. Another study from the Archives of International Medicine reported that there was no significant difference between a group of people following the HCG Canada Diet and a placebo group on the same level of calorie restriction. Any weight loss was apparently attributed solely to a severe reduction of calories. 

HCG Versus HGH

HGH Functions

Human Growth Hormone has been studied many times. HGH is known to reduce abdominal fat, improve insulin sensitivity, lower diastolic blood pressure, and boost fat metabolism according to a 1997 study from The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. HGH has also been shown to potentially treat chronic diseases. The Annals of Internal Medicine published studies showing that HGH is effective at improving lean body mass for patients suffering from HIV. 

HGH Warnings

Even though HGH has been shown many times to help with fat loss, it’s dangerous to use haphazardly. It is possible to purchase HGH and HGH-precursors such as GHR-15 over the counter in Canada but these are not regulated by Health Canada and they may potentially be dangerous. Human Growth Hormone can be prescribed by doctors and administered through injections. Consult your doctor to learn if you need HGH therapy and before using any kind of over-the-counter supplement. 


Losing weight and keeping it off is a matter of reducing calorie intake, balancing nutrient levels, and exercising regularly. Diet plans that say they can help you lose weight without these components or recommend supplements saying that they help you to quickly lose weight should be carefully considered. HGC appears to show no real boost in weight loss and HGH should only ever be used under the close supervision of a doctor. 

HCG versus HGH