HCG Drops VS HCG Injections to lose weight

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HCG Drops VS HCG Injections to lose weight

The fact of the matter is an overwhelming percentage of the Canadian population is overweight with many of those considered to be obese and extremely unhealthy. with obesity comes a wide range of health issues that can often lead to death such as many heart related diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and elevated cholesterol levels.

In recent times many diet aids have been introduced into the Canadian market place that promise to help individuals lose weight safely and efficiently, one such product that has gained huge notoriety is HCG Drops (HCG is an acronym for human Chorionic Gonadotropin) a naturally produced hormone found in pregnant women. When injected this hormone increases ones metabolism which in turn prompts the body to use fat for energy thus decreasing fat content and overall weight.

Extensive studies were conducted back in the 1950's after Dr. Simeon first discovered the effects that HCG had on weight loss when used with his specially formulated HCG diet plan, since that time hundreds of thousand of people have succeeded in losing Wight with HCG

It is important to note that using pure HCG for the purpose of losing weight is only available by prescription and is only to be administered by injection while following Dr. Simeons strict diet regime without deviation, any other forms of HCG will not garner the same affects as that of pure  HCG injections and as such consumers should be leery of companies claiming to sell HCG for oral consumption

HCG drops have been hitting store shelves and e-commerce sites at an alarming rate with everybody claiming to sell the best drops on the market when in fact many of those drops are being manufactured in unregulated facilities oversees (mainly china) and as a result much of what is being sold today is poorly produced and often bogus

The diet drops manufactured by us at HCG CANADA are the only HCG diet drops to be approved by Health Canada. Many people have reported weight loss in excess of 10 lbs per week while using our diet drops in conjunction with our proprietary diet plan, results have been so impressive that we are continuously receiving rave reviews and positive testimonials form our ever increasing customer base

Our HCG diet drops can be purchased in 30 day, 60 day or 120 day supplies ranging in price from $79.00 to $149.00 with the 120 day program being our most popular and most affordable plan, most people find that they will achieve their desired weight loss goals with this plan.

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