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BioTrust is a nutritional supplements company that was founded in 2012 out of Aurora, Colorado. They focus on using organic and natural ingredients to deliver the right dose to their customers. BioTrust was founded by Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion. Both men are best selling authors and have appeared on television shows in their journey towards helping people worldwide not just lose the weight, but keep it off. 

The mission of the company is a simple one; they will help men and women alike regain control of their lives through nutrition and losing body fat, the two things that will completely change their health. BioTrust is also a company with philanthropic aims. They provide families in need with the nutritious food, clean drinking water, and even medical supplies they need to stay healthy. They do this through donating a portion of their profit to charity. 

The Features of BioTrust

The co-founders of BioTrust Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion are nutritional supplement users themselves. They were surprised when they learned that many of the “natural” products on the market actually contained very little of the active ingredient that makes them work. While plenty of consumers may believe that these nutritional products are regulated by the FDA, this isn’t true. The BioTrust website has an example that spells it out for you. They’ve seen products that claim to contain 100mg of a special ingredient that burns fat, when in reality the product only has 20mg of that ingredient. Some even have none of the active ingredient. They believe that a lot of nutritional supplement companies use these poor business practices and are nothing short of scams. 

They created BioTrust to provide people with only the highest quality genuine nutritional supplements that are on the market today. BioTrust stands by their claim that their products are free of hormones, antibiotics, and any other artificial ingredients. Their supplements work by giving people just the right amount of the essential ingredient(s) in the supplement. They also guarantee that every product they sell has exactly the amount of an ingredient as the packaging says. 

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The Products BioTrust Offers

BioTrust have a whole range of nutritional supplements available. Which one would be beneficial to you depends on your needs. They have products to help with weight loss, building muscle, and improving your overall health. These supplements come in the form of pills, protein cookies, and also protein bars. They also have a section of their store dedicated to t-shirts, blender bottles, and vitamin chests called BioTrust Gear. 


The cost of the supplements BioTrust sell varies a lot depending on the product. A bottle can cost between $39 and $69 (depending on quantity ordered), while the cookies and protein boxes will set you back between $23 and $39. Customers will also be expected to pay for shipping. 

Whenever a customer shops through BioTrust they are able to purchase two and get a third item free, or purchasing four things and getting two extra free. If you feel that you are unsatisfied with your purchase then BioTrust also offer a money back guarantee program, meaning you can get a refund for up to a year. 


If you're looking for the very best supplements in Canada, BioTrust Nutrition and HCG Canada are great nutrition brands that are dedicated to providing you with excellent all natural products. They are also committed to their integrity and giving back. 

These are the core values that have shaped BioTrust and their commitment to giving you the best quality, purest, natural products that are potent and effective. These core values are also a reflection of their dedication to every single client they have. This is proven in the A+ rating they earned with the Better Business Bureau. Their team is made up of only hard-working people who pledge to uphold these beliefs and do everything properly with compassion, kindness, and honesty. 

BioTrust has over three million satisfied customers worldwide including Canada. They have been just as dedicated to helping them reach their fitness goals as they will be with you. They help you reach these goals by using their premium, all natural supplements. They also offer informative newsletters and reports and have a friendly online community with members including their own expert nutrition and exercises coaches. 

BioTrust is also fully committed to their charitable causes and changing lives. They work with a number of charities to raise money and do some good. Thanks to their customers they have raised a grand total of over $990,000 for the Make-A-Wish foundation. Their money has helped fund over 123 wishes for children suffering from life-threatening illnesses. Make-A-Wish even recognized BioTrust as their Outstanding National Partner and have done so for two consecutive years (2014 – 2015). BioTrust have also provided hungry children with almost 1.6 million meals through their work with the No Kids Hungry campaign run by Share Our Strength. 

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