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The HCG diet and the reason to choose it

After extensive research one can understand the human body better and know the best way to balance the metabolic rate, the composition of fat cells and the adverse impact which may lead to weight reduction . Dr. A.T. W. Simeons accidentally stumbled on the HCG diet more than half a century ago while finding a solution to eradicate malnutrition from villages which were underdeveloped.

Dr. Simeons found the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone commonly known as HCG in pregnant women. He also came to the conclusion that even a woman who was perfectly healthy during the gestational period began to suffer from deteriorating health issues post delivery. While finding the cause of this problem he discovered HCG. The HCG hormone is secreted by the body in order to protect the fetus and it is responsible for the nourishment of the fetus as well. The HCG hormone collects the stored body fat and converts it into nutrition which is used for the baby. By this method if a method is found to drain the fat cells and convert them into natural energy then it will be a boon to obese people.

How is it beneficial

Our body contains three types of fats. The first type is structural fat. This is accumulated between the skin and the organs and it acts as a protective layer for them. This is followed by the normal reserve fat. This layer is responsible to provide the body with energy when the calorie consumption is very less. Last of all is the abnormal fat. Just like its name, it is any excessive fat which accumulates in problem areas such as the hips, waist, thighs and buttocks. This excess fat cannot be used for any function of the body. The positive thing is that HCG consumes only this type of fat. Often people wonder why you cannot get the same results through a diet which is low on calories. The answer is obvious. If you deprive your body of the necessary nutrients such as vitamins and proteins then in order to fulfill this deficiency it will compensate with either structural or normal fat reserve. Due to this, after you discontinue your low calorie diet your lean muscles get destroyed. Not only this, once you go back to your normal food consumption all your weight loss goes for a toss and you eventually gain the abnormal fats. In other words the fats were only redistributed rather than destroyed.

There are three stages of the HCG fat release program. In the initial stage you need to build up the fat reserve. In this phase you are expected to eat as much as you desire. This phase lasts for two days at the onset of the treatment through HCG drops. This is followed by the next stage which lasts for 23 to 40 days.  In this day you need to follow a diet which consists of 500 calories and includes fruits and vegetables as well as two meals which consist of 3.5 oz of proteins. The HCG drops are to be given in this phase as well. This phase is followed by the third and last phase which is mainly related to maintenance and modifying your lifestyle. You are allowed to eat to your heart’s content so long as you are able to remove the excess starch and sugar.

The first segment or phase is necessary in order to start the circulation of HCG in the body prior to the actual procedure. During this phase which lasts for two days the brain gets sufficient time to understand that it will have to soon begin to shed the excess fat. It is imperative to add to the fat reserve in your body as this will act as a signal to the HCG process about what to start.

Once you step into the second phase you will see a weight loss of about 1 to 2 pounds every day.  You can continue in this phase for as long as you wish until you reach your ideal weight. Once this is attained you then move on to the last stage when you will have to consume at least 500 calories per day for the next two days. This will enable the HCG to totally exit from your system. After this the treatment process comes to an end.

The HCG diet has garnered success in many clinical and most doctors recommend it. Taking injections in specific quantities along with following the prescribed meal plan works wonders for people who have given up all hopes to shed the extra pounds. Unfortunately this process is very costly. Continuous research has led to the creation of a homeopathic medicine which can be administered without the guidance of a physician. You will surely benefit by eliminating the toxins from the body.


The HCG diet has numerous advantages unlike other diet plans.

  • The levels of testosterone increases a little and the metabolic rate of the body is also enhanced

  • The fat of the body is redistributed and this makes a remarkable difference in the form of reduction in the flabby areas of the body where fat has accumulated.

  • You will not feel weak or experience hunger pangs as the body’s needs are being fulfilled.

  • Your muscle is not weakened and only the fats are burnt in this process.

  • Many people feel that this works wonders for their libido.

  • As they do not feel weak, they have lesser cravings for sweets and other sources of instant energy.

  • This procedure is not too costly and can be followed easily.

Often people are at the end of their tether as even though they opt for rigorous diets, yet they are back to square one as soon as they discontinue the diet. With each attempt they feel even more wean and exhausted and they also end up spending a lot of money on energy drinks which eventually is not needed. But all their woes will end with the introduction of HCG as they will never feel the lack of energy while following a weight loss regime. The excess fats will be transferred to the blood stream from where they will be eliminated easily without harming or disturbing the balance of the body and maintaining the energy levels.

The HCG products from homeopathy are approved by the FDA and can safely be used for maintaining a proper and regular menstruation cycle. It is also used to help in conception. But its uses as a weight loss regime have not yet been approved exclusively. With more research and extensive surveys this may be added to its advantages. You need to consult your doctor before embarking on any diet to ensure that you do not suffer from its side effects. Studies have also revealed that HCG diet drops don't have any side effect and they do not react with any other forms of medication which the person may be consuming. It does not react adversely even when taken alongside birth control pills.

Dr. Simeons has also compiled his information into a book entitled Pounds and Inches. This book was first published in the year 1970. The HCG diet is better than other diets as it is a safe and natural way to reduce your weight without suffering from any kind of deficiency and weakness. It is useful for both the genders and most people who have started it will reiterate this fact.

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